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Complete your collection or sell it at the ultimate Lego only online auction service!
Current Time: Store Name & Slogan

Store Name:
  • During the seller registration process, you will be asked to pick a name that your store will be called. It will appear as a link on our store list page. Pick a meaningful name that best describes the items in your store - for example if the majority of parts you are going to sell are Technic, include the name "Technic" somewhere in the store name.
  • Store Name is limited to 26 characters. The word "LEGO" is not allowed in store name. Imitation of the word LEGO such as replacing one or more characters, putting special characters in between the letters, etc. is also not acceptable.
  • Store Slogan:
  • You can also select a store slogan that will be displayed in your store below your store name. It can contain an additional short description of your store and can contain information on having a sale but should not contain instructions for buyers to do something like, for example, read your splash page before ordering.
  • Store Slogan is limited to 50 characters.

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    You can design your own Header Section You can design your own Header Section

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