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Current Time: Discussion Forum & Chat Rules:

Forum & Chat Rules:
  • The following rules apply to both the Discussion Forum and Chat. Violation of these rules may result in suspension of your privileges in the discussion forum or chat. Repeated violation of these rules may result in termination of your membership.

  • No offering of items for sale which are not listed in a Auctionbrick store.

  • No personally identifying information - Do not include any e-mail address or physical mailing address or telephone number in a discussion forum post.

  • No foul language.

  • No posting of or linking to confidential LEGO Company information or images.

  • No religious or political discussions.

  • No posting messages "for" currently banned members or otherwise circumventing said ban.

  • Chat Rules:

  • You are encouraged to use the Auctionbrick chat room. It's here so that you can talk to, share ideas and meet other LEGO fans. The chat is very simple to use:
  • Login to chat by entering your username and password.

  • Private Messages: (Coming Soon)
  • Private Messages (also known as PMs) are messages that someone sends to you in chat that can be read by only you and no one else. Similarly you can send a private message to a member in the same chat room that only they can see.
  • Send private messages to anyone by selecting their username from a drop-down box in the bottom portion of the screen. The list of users to PM is refreshed when you enter the room and after you send a chat message.

  • Ignore List: (Coming Soon)
  • You can add a member to your chat ignore list if you do not want to read chat messages from them. System messages about that member are also not shown if you are ignoring them. To stop ignoring a member, select the check box next to their name and click the submit button. Members who you are ignoring show crossed out on the list of members in the sidebar of the chat room.

  • Moderators have the final say on what is appropriate to maintain a positive, family friendly atmosphere in the forums and chat

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